Customer Surveys

A customer survey identifies the factors that enhance relationships, loyalty, and increase sales.

Today’s competitive marketplace requires every organization to listen to the voice of its customers. A customer service survey can provide management with valuable input on both short-term and long-term decision-making. It can offer critical operational and strategic advantages over the competition.

Business relationships are complex. Your customers’ views of your products, services, pricing — as well as your business relationship. Our customer satisfaction survey helps you get to the heart of these critical relationships in ways that help you move your business forward. The satisfaction, loyalty, and reference-ability of your customers directly affect growth and profitability.

Losing customers can be devastating to an organization. A customer loss review survey can help you identify the root causes of problems so that direct action can be taken to minimize the loss of customers in the future.

Customer satisfaction surveys improve satisfaction and loyalty by identifying the basis of customer behaviors. Targeting these behaviors allows for direct action to correct issues. Foxworthy & Associates customer surveys help determine the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of your customers. Targeting those issues results in increased satisfaction and loyalty.